Caspr AI

Bringing GPT to Desktop

At the beginning of the mass adoption of Chat GPT in late 2022, Caspr set out to bring the power of generative text seamlessly to desktop.

Caspr AI was an internal ‘30 days to live’ challenge of TMRRW Labs. Near the beginning of the rise of Chat GPT, we set out to launch a simple desktop application for Windows and Mac OS that would simplify the process of using GPT in peoples everyday workflow. The goal of this was to launch an MVP that would gage interest and act as a starting point to continue to build on the application.


Caspr AI




— Brand Identity
— Web Design
— Webflow Development
— UI/UX Design


March 2023




Joshua McDonald

Jack Adair

Shawn Vogt

Liwordson Vijayabalan
Project Lead

The restraint of only 30 days to go from concept to production produced a different type of creativity. Without any time for experimentation or going back to the drawing board, it forced us to let go of perfectionism and be more agile in our test this concept.

I was allotted one day to generate the brand and the remainder of the week to produce the website landing page and application design so that development team to begin production. Considering these restraints, I am very proud of what our team was able to produce in such a short amount of time.

Digital Experience

A simple and fun approach to the digital experience

The new Insignia Hotel website was our first opportunity to showcase the visual identity and tone of voice of the brand. Utilizing bespoke typography and colour selection, we crafted a web experience that truly felt boutique and inviting. It was important to Insignia keep the site minimal and focus on the experience and details of the services they offer.

Project Reflection

This project was an exciting experiment and our team really felt that it had a lot of potential. During our beta launch, the Caspr website garnered almost 2000 waitlist sign ups and we even got the attention of some angel investors. Unfortunately, we struggled to keep up with the demands of this new market amidst the sea of large companies going all in on AI technologies. After careful consideration, our team decided it was time to give up the ghost. Caspr will live forever in our hearts and as an open-source project here.