Simple Smart Advice

Investing shouldn't be complicated

SimpleSmartAdvice is a financial planning firm based in Aldershot, Ontario celebrating over 30 years of unmatched financial service.

After a transition in staff and office space, SimpleSmartAdvice (Aldershot Financial Group) was looking to update their website and use the opportunity to change some of their core messaging. They approached me with this request which also included a minor brand update and style guide that would be applied throughout their digital presence.


Aldershot Financial Group




— Brand Identity
— Web Design
— Webflow Development


January 2024


Joshua McDonald

Daniel Orr
Film Production

Laying the Foundation

We started our journey with the fundamentals — workshopping the brand pillars. Brand pillars are the foundation for what an organization represents and how they are perceived. We worked with the leadership at Insignia to uncover their values as modern, organic and effortless. Everything we built from here out had to align with those values.

Keeping things simple...

Aldershot Financial Group already had a strong marketing brand that had connected well with customers and prospects. Through the years, 'Simple Smart Advice' had gone from being a philosophy to how they go about their work, to what people began to remember them as.

Building Trust

A Website That Converts

In the finance space, there have been some bad players that have made people skeptical of financial planners as a whole. Thinking of ways to break down this barrier, I suggested that they create a series of videos for the website where their lead financial planner would share the 'Simple Smart' way. This way the prospects visiting the website will feel more connected to the person that they could be trusting with their financial future.

Project Reflection

I thoroughly enjoyed working on this website with Aldershot Financial Group. As I'm writing this, we are preparing to launch this week and I am excited to see how this brand update and new website design will impact their business. This project was the first of mine which I built entirely in Webflow. On that note, I recently completed my Webflow Expert certification and I am looking forward to building many more websites for clients using Webflow's incredibly powerful platform.